The Greek Islands and Athens

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A pine covered island with three main settlements, Milos, which is where most of the local population live, Skala, a 20 to 30 minute stroll along the coast road from Milos, and the small village of Limenaria on the other side of the island. Agistri is so small that it can often be missed by the visitor to Greece.  It can be reached by ferry from both the Athens port of Piraeus and the island of Aegina.


Agistri 1Skala, dominated by the large white church situated close to the sandy beach with it's shallow safe waters. This is the islands main tourist area. and the home of most of the islands bars and tavernas. Quiet during the week, it can become very busy at weekends and during the Greek Holidays.

With it being so close to Athens, the majority of visitors are working class Greeks, so prices here are kept much lower than on many of the more up-market Greek islands. There are an increasing number of apartment blocks in Skala. resulting in a wide choice of good, clean accommodation. There are also some excellent tavernas.

Agistri 3Limenaria, with it's gold domed church, can be reached by the small island bus. There is a taverna in the village where you can buy hand woven fabrics.  A sign in the village directs you towards the "beach", this is in fact a small concrete slab, great for diving into the water, but not so easy once you wish to get out, as it is hard to avoid cutting yourself on the surrounding rocks.

If you follow the road through Limenaria, it will take you past some salt flats to the tiny islet of Aponissos, which can be reached via a small, rocky causeway. The causeway can be wet and slippery, but paddling is easy. You can swim from little shingle bays on the islet, but most choose to find a spot close by on the main island. During the holiday season, there is a taverna with room to park both cars and motorcycles.

Agistri 5Halikadha is a popular beach on the island made up of pebbles which get smaller the further along the beach you go. Halikadha is interesting as not only is it the islands designated naturist beach, but it also has a cave that is lived in during the summer months. To get to the beach, follow the road out of Skala past the harbour, keep on going until you pass the Agistri Club. It is here that the road turns into a track, follow the coastal path until you find yourself looking down onto the beach. This is where your real problems start, how do you get down there? For the first timer, the best option is to wait until someone comes along to show you the way, as the path is difficult to spot, be warned, it is very steep. The alternative way is to go down a path to the left, this takes you down to sea level where you can walk around the headland to the beach. This can involve some paddling, and you may get splashed when the sea is a little active.

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