The Greek Islands and Athens

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The most remote of the Sporades group of islands, Alonissos is much quieter than it's neighbours, Skiathos and Skopelos. As there is no airport on Alonissos, the easiest way to get here is by flying into Skiathos and from there taking a ferry to the island.


The port village of Patitiri with its sprinkling of bars and tavernas is home for the majority of the islanders, and also where most of the tourists stay.The village was created after an earthquake badly damaged the islands then main town of Palaia Alonissos which sits on a cliff above Patitiri. In the harbour, boats can be found that will take you for day trips to neighbouring islands, and to some of the coves and beaches around the island.

Alonissos 2Palaia Alonissos, seen here from Patitiri, was abandoned when its inhabitants were forced to leave after the earthquake in 1965. There still remains the ruins of a fifteenth century Venetian kastro, and a small chapel with an unusual fish-scale style roof. Today, many of the houses have been restored, and are used as holiday homes, so preserving many of the towns original features.

Votsi, is the second most popular area for tourist accommodation on the island, it has a reasonable pebble beach backed by cliffs, and a few of the usual bars and tavernas. Hotels on the waterfront can be a little more expensive than the average, those on top of the cliff are a little cheaper and have some very good views of the bay below.

Pine resin is still collected on Alonissos and is used to give the Greek Retsina wine it's unique flavour. It is also said to make quite a reasonable furniture polish.

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