The Greek Islands and Athens

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Andros is the second largest and most northerly island in the Cyclades, it is most easily reached via ferries from the port of Rafina on the mainland. Popular with Athenian holiday makers, the island is green and fertile, with fields divided by distinctive dry-stone walls.


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The capital, Andros town, lies on a rocky wind swept spur cutting across a large bay. It is an attractive town paved in marble.  There are some fine nineteenth century buildings and squares, with ornate fountains and gateways.  The town also houses both an Archeological Museum, and a Museum of Modern Art.

From the square at the bottom of Andros town you pass through an archway and down a windswept road leading to the remains of a thirteenth century kastro. The kastro was destroyed by German munitions during the second world war.

Batsi is the main resort on the island, and is usually the first stop for tourists when they disembark from the ferries at the nearby port of Gavrion. Batsi has many reasonably priced tavernas, although some of the menus do lack variety. The nightlife is generally low key, but there has been an increase in the number of trendy bars.

Batsi has a good, broad, sandy beach cooled by the Meltemi wind in high summer. there are some sunshades and a few trees to help provide some protection from the heat of the summer sun. The water is normally very calm, and being shallow, makes this a good choice if you have a young family.

Take the road up the hill from the harbour until you come to the war memorial, turn right, signposted Stavari, keep going along the coast road, and you will find yourself looking down on Delavogias. Follow the road until it bends to the right, it is here you will find the rough stone steps that leads down to the beach. There is a snack bar that is run by the nearby hotel, and if you walk around the rocky outcrop, you will find yourself on the islands naturist beach.

Spring waters continually flow from marble lion's head fountains situated in the hill village of Menites.  Close by, steps lead to the church of the Panaya, which some believe was the original position of a Temple of Dionysus.

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