The Greek Islands and Athens

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Halki is a dry barren island  with no natural fresh water, so the all important water supply has to be regularly brought in by tanker from the island of Rhodes.  Halki has a very small population which inhabits the only settlement on the island, the harbour town of Nimborio.


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Nimborio situated about the horseshoe shaped harbour  with it's neo-classical style houses.  The church, Agios Nikolaos, boasts the tallest campanile or bell tower in the Dodecanese.

Agios Nikolaos is also known for its wonderful mosaic courtyard created with the use of black and white pebbles known as Choklakia Mosaics.  This method has been used in the Dodecanese since Byzantine times.

An old traditional bread oven is still in regular use on the island.

A narrow road leads from the town, pass the excellent beach of Pondamos, up to the abandoned old town of Chora, with it's Kastro standing above it. The Kastro, built by the Knights of St John, affords an excellent view of the coastline below.

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