The Greek Islands and Athens

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With its own airport, sandy beaches, and a vibrant nightlife, the Greek island of Mykonos is the smallest of the main islands in the Cyclades but also the most popular. The island boasts a new, much larger harbour making it easier for the bigger boats to dock. Life is centred around Mykonos town itself. Being such a popular destination results in the island becoming very overcrowded during the high season. This popularity has one more drawback, as it has become the most expensive in the Cycladic group.


Mykonos 1

Mykonos is one of the most picturesque islands in the Cyclades but has become infamous for its gay-friendly hot spots, lively nightlife and nude beaches. All this is true but this is not the only side of Mykonos. It is still possible to enjoy a family holiday on the island although taking local advice on the best places to visit is always advised.

Little Venice, a clutch of converted houses perched over the sea, and its nearby restaurants may ooze charm but the picturesque tables come with a hefty price tag. A meal here can easily cost twice as much as a similar meal in another part of town.

Most traffic is banned from the waterfront and the narrow maze of labyrinthine streets of the town behind, so the only way to explore is on foot, getting lost in the maze of streets is something that is claimed on many Greek islands, but in the case of Mykonos town it is true. There is a wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes, if you look hard enough you can even find the odd traditional taverna. Even when walking down the quietest of back streets you can come across a clothes boutique or jewellery shop. All of this adds to the reputation of Mykonos as being the most cosmopolitan of Greek islands.

The town is watched over by its windmills, located on the edge of the beautiful Alefkandra area of the town. Once the working mills used to grind wheat. Now they are the island's most famous and most photographed symbols.

Mykonos 2

Mykonos has a wide selection of good beaches, with most of them reached through the use of the islands very good bus service. There are the famous beaches such as Paradise beach (pictured) and Super Paradise, both with a reputation for a high gay presence, and nudity. If this is not for you then there are many other very good beaches both big and small to suit all tastes.

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