The Greek Islands and Athens

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Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, is also the most fertile. With cultivated valleys, mountainous centre, unique village architecture, plus some amazing, often deserted beaches.


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Naxos town, with it's mix of newly redesigned waterfront, bustling town centre, and a Kastro that still house mansions that bear their original Venetian coat of arms, leaves you with the impression that you are on a Greek island not quite like any other.

An ancient causeway to the north of the port, connects the town to the islet of Palatia on which sits a monumental gateway to a Temple of Apollo called the Portara. The Temple was abandoned, never to be completed, what does remain has become one of the symbols of Naxos. The one photo everyone wants to get is the sunset through the Portara.

According to myth, this was the island of Palatia where the Minoan princess Ariadne was abandoned by her lover Theseus when he was returning to Athens after killing the Minotaur at Knosos on the island of Crete.

Naxos 4Situated on the edge of Naxos town can be found the beach of Agios Georgios. Near the town itself there can be found sun beds and sun shades for hire but the further away from town you go, the more quiet it gets. Along this beach there is a windsurfing school. You can continue walking if you wish as the beach stretches all around the bay.

Naxos is famous for the quality of its marble. Near to the marble quarry at Flerio, lie two sixth century BC. kouroi which are male statues, one which is 26 feet long, lies in a private garden, the other, 18 feet long, lies in a nearby field.

Naxos 6Below the site where you can view the Kouroi, lies the attractive village of Apollon. This is a popular place to visit for lunch, so popular in fact that it can become quite busy when a number of tourist coaches arrive at the same time, but don't let this put you off, it may take a little longer to get served but as it is such a pleasant and relaxing place I am sure you wont mind too much.

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