The Greek Islands and Athens

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The capital of Paros is the town of Parikia, its harbor is the major hub of the inter-island ferry services, with connections to just about every island in the Aegean. Behind the busy waterfront lies a typical Cycladic old town with narrow streets containing many shops, bars, tourist shops and of course, tavernas.


Paros 1

Located on the harbour side, next to where the inter-island ferries dock, stands a windmill that has become the symbol of the island. The windmill is a handy place to arrange to meet up with other members of your group, or to just sit on the wall, and watch the world go by while you wait for your ferry.

The Byzantine cathedral of Panagia Ekatondapiliani in Parikia was originally built in the sixth century. Later during the tenth century it was rebuilt using Parian marble.  The cathedral's name means "Our Lady of a Hundred Doors", you should try counting them, it is said there are only ninety nine of them.

There are a few quite good beaches near Parikia, this one at Krios is one of the best. It can be reached by road or by walking along the footpath that runs around the edge of the bay, but probably the most popular way to get there is via a small tourist boat that leaves from the harbour side. On the beach itself, you can hire sun beds and sun shades. To the rear is a reasonable beach taverna from where this photo was taken.

Paros 3

The second main port of Paros is Naoussa, This was, until recently a small fishing village but it has expanded a great deal over the last few years to accommodate the increasing number of tourists wishing to visit the island.

Paros 4

The main street that runs down through the middle of Naoussa to the harbour area is lined both sides with bars and tavernas all vying for your custom, this is fine if you are looking for somewhere to eat or drink, but if your not, try coming down through the back streets, a slightly longer walk but much pleasanter, and cooler during the day.

The tavernas around the harbour at Naoussa  mostly specialize in fresh fish and seafood. They are reasonably priced and the quality is surprisingly high, but you can pay quite a bit more for drinks in the waterside bars than you do in the main street.

Water taxis will take you from the harbour side to nearby beaches. The beach at Langeri is particularly good, with the beach at Santa Maria on the unsheltered side of the island being ideal for windsurfers.

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